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The Seed Foundation was established to help individuals and families, who in these hard economic times, have nowhere else to turn. 

Designed to be a bridge to financial security, it is available to assist those who find themselves in temporary need of financial help. In other words “Seed Money”. Seed is not meant to be an ongoing source of help; it is limited to a 6 month bridge.  

If you or someone you know are in need of a financial bridge because of but not limited to, divorce, sickness, death of a spouse or job loss, the Seed Foundation may be able to help you.

Applications must be made through a 501(c) registered charity. 

Applicants need to write a letter explaining why the “seed money” is needed along with a letter of verification from the 501(c) registered charity. Letters of support from others are always welcome.

The Seed Foundation
128 Bears Paw Trail
Naples Fl 34105